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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 2021 – Yr 10

Year 11 Duke of Edinburgh update


Dear parent/carer,

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the last 2 summer’s the current year 11 students have been unable to complete their expedition. This is obviously a very important year for them regarding their academic studies, therefore, I am suggesting that if they would like to complete their expedition they will have opportunity to do this during the summer term after their examinations. It will be a 2 day, 1 night expedition and dates will be confirmed over the next couple of months and further details regarding payment will follow.

If they do not wish to complete their expedition but have completed their physical, skill and volunteering on eDofE they can opt to just receive a certificate of participation.

Please ensure that they are continuing to work towards the skill, physical and volunteering section of the award if they are wishing to complete the expedition as it is a requirement to have this aspect finished.

If you do have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0151 733 2709 or


Yours sincerely,

Miss L Flavin
DofE Manager



Duke of Edinburgh Presentation Evening


St Hilda’s were really proud to welcome Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenant Ms Lesley Martin-Wright and Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside Robert Owen to award 183 of our current Year 10 and 11 students with their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Lucy Flavin, our Duke of Edinburgh Lead in the school, was awarded with a certificate for her dedication to the programme and the numbers of students who have gained this important award over the past 5 years.  As part of the school’s curriculum and dedication to quality enrichment programmes all Year 9 students have dedicated Duke of Edinburgh lessons, delivered by a team of specialists.  Last academic year was our first whole-year cohort following this prestigious programme.  We are incredibly blessed by the dedication of our staff and students.

Well done to you all!

Mrs J Code



Last year’s cohort – Current year 10/11 – DofE 2018/2019

Well done to the 189 students who completed their DofE expeditions in July. The students really did do themselves and the school proud.

Message for last years cohort– Please make sure you finish your online DofE (eDofE) to ensure that you receive your award. You must have all of this completed by Friday 4th October at the latest. If you have any questions, need any evidence or need any other help please come and see me or email me on


New cohort – Current year 9 – DofE 2019/2020

Message to current cohort- Congratulations on starting your DofE journey. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun!! You will have lessons all year to allow you to develop a range of skills from team work to map reading and camping skills. Myself and the other DofE staff feel that this is a great opportunity for you to develop a range of skills which will help you in future life.


DofE information

All of the students are going to complete a number of tasks to gain their full award. They have to do a range of volunteering work, skills and physical activities in their own time for over 3 months each (and one for 6 months) to gain their full award. Not to mention their practice and qualifying expeditions! All of the students participating in their DofE this year should be thinking about starting the three sections listed above and gathering their evidence. Expeditions will be held in the summer term and this will be optional. Please have a look online at for more information. As a school we really believe that this opportunity really broadens our student’s knowledge and provides more than just a classroom experience for them, which we know to be of great value for their development.


Please see attached the kit list for expedition, which will take place during the summer term.

Bronze Kit List