GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

Food Technology is the development of food products to be manufactured and sold to the consumer. It is taught through a design and make process as part of the Design and Technology National Curriculum.

To this end the course is focused upon:

• Helping pupils understand the relationship between nutrition, diet and our health throughout life.
• Choosing, storing and cooking a wide range of foods to produce interesting meals which conform to dietary advice and which are suitable for a wide range of individuals.
• Techniques and skills in food storage, preparation and cooking.
• Awareness of food hygiene and food safety issues.
• Factors affecting consumer choice

Throughout the course there will be an emphasis on practical work.  This will give pupils an opportunity to develop a wide range of culinary skills and use food processing equipment in a safe and constructive fashion.

Qualification Received
AQA GCSE Home Economics (Food and Nutrition)


Unit 1 – Written Paper (40% (1 hour 30 minutes)
Unit 2 – Food & Nutrition in Practice 60%
Candidates must complete 2 tasks:
– an individual investigation 45% (18 hours)
– and a research task 15% (6 – 8 hours)
The controlled assessment tasks must be completed under supervision within the classroom.

Pupil Commitment
Pupils must bring a clean apron, suitable cooking/baking dish and a container to transport finished products back home – to every practical lesson.  Advance notice will always be given of such lessons.

For more detailed information about the Food Technology curriculum please click here.