Learning from home

Home Learning Provision for Students who are Self-isolating

Under Covid-19 restrictions some children will need to stay at home to self-isolate. We aim to ensure that all students are able to access the curriculum with as little disruption as possible.
We have put in place a range of support for student and families to support those children at home with learning. There will be suitable learning activities for children to complete each day in line with the subject curriculum. Our provision will include remote teaching and access to a range of live lessons, pre-recorded lessons or materials to support independent learning.

• Where a pupil is at home and well enough they must follow the daily timetable.
• Where pupils are absent and unwell they must complete the work at the earliest opportunity.

St Hilda’s Home Learning Policy – to access, please click here.  Awaiting policy – will appear shortly.


Where do I find work for my subjects?

All work is on Microsoft Teams.

To access helpsheets for TEAMS, please click the following:

Where to find your work on Microsoft Teams 2

Microsoft Teams – A Student Guide

The table below shows you more details about where to find work for individual subjects within TEAMs.
Awaiting table – will appear shortly.

How do I show evidence of my learning?

Pupils can add any evidence of their learning to their Microsoft Teams Class Notebook for each individual subject. These Class Notebooks are being created by subjects over the forthcoming half-term and pupils are receiving training in how to use them effectively.


How to use Class Notebook

To view a PDF guide, please click here.


How can I extend my learning?

Students at home are also encouraged to access the range of general remote learning platforms that we have available for each subject. For more details please speak to your subject teacher.

In addition to these, all children have access to:

SAM Learning and GCSE Pod  –  please click here.

BBC Bitesize Daily. A website providing free, interactive curriculum –linked lessons for every year group  –  please click here.

Oak National Academy. A government recommended website providing free, interactive curriculum – linked lessons for every year group  –  please click here.

The UK Government has also identified a range of online learning resources covering a variety of subjects across the different Key Stages. These resources should not replace those that are already in place for our students in the Remote Learning section of the website. They should simply serve as additional support if needed.  Click here to access the DfE guide to additional learning resources.


I am having ICT problems – what should I do?

Contact your teacher via SMHW or TEAMs to let them know as soon as possible. If you have missed a Live Lesson watch the recording at the first possible opportunity and then save a photo of your work in your Class Notebook.

We will rely heavily on suitable access to ICT. Ideally, students need to have access to their own computer or tablet device and the internet. However, we fully appreciate the constraints that many families will face. Our learning activities are designed to be accessible using a wide range of devices (including smart phones where necessary). Unfortunately, we cannot provide devices for every student but we will do our best to support you if your child does not have suitable ICT access. If you are concerned about this, please contact the school through your child’s form tutor.