What is the Reading Bug?

The Reading Bug
If you read selected books, you will have the opportunity to take a ten question quiz once you’ve read it. The quizzes are available from the library or by clicking the link below.
When you hand in your completed quiz, the Librarian will mark it for you and, depending on the number of questions you get correct, you will be awarded school reward points. These points can be exchanged for prizes.
Reading = Reward Points

1 – 2 questions correct = 1 school reward point
3 – 4 questions correct = 2 school reward points
5 – 6 questions correct = 3 school reward points
7 – 8 questions correct = 4 school reward points
9 – 10 questions correct = 5 school reward points

There are over 150 books currently included in the Reading Bug and, with more added every week, there is sure to be something you will like! Please see the Librarian for a quiz to complete.

Click here to see a selection of the quizzes.