House System

A move from a Year system to House system

In order to inject a sense of identity, pride and competition amongst students (and staff!) we have moved to a house system in school. After a period of consultation with students within which they came up with suggestions for possible themes and/or names for the houses, the decision was narrowed down to a selection of key figures within the rich history of Liverpool. Various staff championed each of the suggestions in a whole school assembly for all students and staff and an election was held to choose the five most popular figures to name the houses after.

Our new houses have been named Roscoe House (after William Roscoe), Aspinall House (after Margaret Aspinall), Wilkinson House (after Kitty Wilkinson), Brodie House (after John Brodie) and Walker House (after Gee Walker).

All students within school know which house they are in and they will wear a tie depicting the chosen colour for their specific house. The front of their student planner will also have their house colour on it and when it is time to buy a new PE uniform, names should be embroidered on in house colours.

The move to a house system led to changes in the pastoral staffing with Heads of Year changing to Heads of House. This means that each Head of Year with have at least one tutor group in Years 7-11 within their house. House assemblies will be a change for students as they will meet with students in their house from all of the other year groups rather than just those form groups in the same year as them.


Heads of House and house colours

Miss McGhee Roscoe House – Yellow

Mr Cummings Aspinall House – Green

Mr Washington Wilkinson House – Red

Miss Flavin Brodie House – Blue

Mr Martin Walker House – Orange


Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)

Mr Martin has been promoted from Head of Year to Assistant Headteacher to lead development of the new House system, School Parliament, a new rewards system and student leadership as well as now working alongside Mr Jones (Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour and Inclusion) in the general pastoral support of students at St Hilda’s.


Student leadership

Student leadership roles for year 11 students are highly valued. Students have to apply, sit an interview before acquiring this role! Students in year 11 are given the opportunity to attend the Liverpool schools parliament meetings that meet at Liverpool Town Hall.

Year 7-10 students self select two student leaders from each form. These students form the backbone of the school leadership team.


Behaviour for Learning and rewards

A new Behaviour for Learning structure for use within all lessons has been developed and will be in all student planners as well as on classroom walls. In conjunction with a newly developed rewards system the new structures will encourage students to maintain their high standards of behaviour whilst collecting rewards points for doing so which they can gain prizes for throughout the school year such as front of the lunch queue passes, stationery, water bottles and many other fantastic incentives!