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GCSE Sociology and GCE Sociology

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Our aim across Social Sciences is to encourage our students to become independent thinkers; provide them with the tools to question their own and others’ behaviour whilst learning the theories behind it. We encourage curiosity and reasoned debate inside the classroom and out, which reinforces the acquisition of skills such as critical analysis and research.

In Psychology, we are proud to teach a well-balanced and wide ranging curriculum, both at GCSE and A-Level which provides a solid foundation for further study in Psychology as well as other fields. This includes key elements such as the biological approach in psychology, maths skills and issues and debates.

Throughout the curriculum, students are provided with many opportunities to carry out their own research. We believe this is vital to their understanding of the research process which underpins everything in psychology.

In Sociology our mission is to allow students to develop their understanding of our social context, exploring theories around societal structure and explore the causes and solutions of social problems around the world. We also strive to improve students’ understanding of people and the different worlds in which they live in their past and present lives. This is alongside learning to understand the influence of the natural environment and studying the diversity and inequality of people from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Collectively, we work by the principle that every student can achieve personal excellence.

We wish to foster a love of learning based on our own love for the subject and work hard to encourage our students’ further success by continuing with Social Sciences related subjects into Higher Education.


Extracurricular activities

The department has organised visits and invited outside speakers into school.


GCSE Sociology

GCSE Sociology introduces students to key sociological terms and concepts. Students will be assessed by two 1 hour 45 minute examinations.

Detailed specification is available at

Text books used: GCSE Sociology

Further reading/resources:
Teachers notes / resources


A Level Sociology

Students will follow the OCR A Level Sociology H580. They will undertake three examinations at the end of Year 13 in each of the units.

OCR A Level Sociology H580

Detailed specification is available at

Textbooks used: OCR A LEVEL Sociology ( Book 1 and 2 )

Further reading/resources:

Teacher’s resources



What the pupils say:

‘’ I enjoy sociology because I learn about issues that are relevant to today’s society.’’

‘’ Sociology is a well-rounded subject that can be linked to other subjects and so is a very useful qualification to have.’’