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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J. Code FCCT
Mr R. Bellmon Deputy Headteacher, Safeguarding & Worship, Teacher of  Business Studies
Mrs S. Harrison Deputy Headteacher, SEND, Inclusion, Teacher of Chemistry
Mr J. Martin Assistant Head Pastoral/Whole school events, Teacher of Geography
Mrs E. Cowdell Assistant Head – Curriculum – Staff Appraisal
Ms A. Howard Assistant Head – Curriculum Leader of St Hilda’s College, Teacher of History
Mrs K. Kearns School Business Manager
Mrs C. Bird Assistant Headteacher – Academic Catch up and Literacy, Teacher of English
Mr B. Norton Associate Assistant Headteacher (Early Careers), Teacher of Geography
Mr C. Merrick Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of English

Teaching Staff


Mrs R. Higham Curriculum Leader of Art
Mrs S. Kelly Teacher of Art


Miss A. Shaw Curriculum Leader of Business, Health and Social Care and Careers
Mr R. Bellmon Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Business Studies
Mr A. Killip Teacher of Business Studies/Geography


Miss C. Bird
SLT, Catch up Plan, Teacher of English
Mr C. Merrick Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of English
Mrs J. Hughes Second in Department, Teacher of English
Miss K. McVey Second in Department, Teacher of English & Drama
Miss M. Carney
Teacher of English
Mrs L. Lyon
Teacher of English
Miss V. McGhee Head of Roscoe House, Teacher of English and Media (part time)
Mr C. Walker Teacher of English, PP Champion
Mr A. Washington Head of Wilkinson House, Teacher of English and Drama
Miss E. Watters  Teacher of English
Mr J. Watts
Teacher of English and Drama
Miss T. Milward  
Trainee Teacher of English


Mr B. Norton SLT, Teacher of Geography
Mr J. Davies Curriculum Leader of Geography, Metacognition Lead
Mr J. Martin SLT, Teacher of Geography
Miss C. Tuck Teacher of Geography, PP Champion (Maternity Leave)
Miss L. Stanford Teacher of Geography (Maternity Cover)


Miss M. West Head of History, KS3 Academic Lead
Mrs F. Fitzsimon Teacher of History (part time)
Ms A. Howard
Head of College, Teacher of History
Mrs H. Ray Teacher of History (part time)


Mr S. Ben-Ali Head of Social Sciences
Mrs E. Kaddour
Teacher in charge of Psychology, Leader of Worship (Maternity Leave)
Miss C. McLaughlin Teacher of Social Sciences
Miss A. Jan
Teacher of Psychology
Ms C. Simpson Teacher of Psychology/Sociology


Mrs E. Hanton Curriculum Leader of Mathematics
Mrs E. Cowdell SLT, Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs J. Weaver Second in Department in Mathematics
Mr S. Critchley Teacher of Mathematics
Mr L. Foster Head of Tafari House, Teacher of Mathematics
Miss K. Harrison
Teacher of Mathematics (part time)
Mrs M. Murray Teacher of Mathematics (part time), KS5 Academic Lead
Mr S. O’Rourke Teacher of Mathematics
Mr G. Walsh Teacher of Mathematics
Ms K. Rigby Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs C. Dadswell Teacher of Mathematics, SEND Base provision lead


Mr S. Cummings Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Teacher of Spanish
Mrs K. Boyland Head of German
Mrs V. Lloyd Teacher in charge of French
Mrs V. James Teacher of MFL (part time), Diversity Co-ordinator
Ms S. Romat Teacher of MFL
Mrs R. Tamo Teacher of MFL (part time)
Mrs. K. Arnachellum Teacher of MFL
Miss. M. Charles
Teacher of MFL


Mrs F. McCann Curriculum Leader of Music
Mr C. Friel Teacher of Music
Mr S. Wheatcroft Teacher of Music


Mr M. Lloyd Curriculum Leader of Physical Education
Mr J. Deane Head of Walker House, Teacher of P.E., PP Champion
Miss C. Hester Head of Brodie House, Teacher of P.E., Metacognition Lead
Mrs G. Gilbert Teacher of P.E. (part time)
Mr O. Williams Teacher of P.E.
Miss E. Robinson Teacher of P.E.


Mrs E. Kaddour Leader of Worship


Mrs S. Harrison SLT, Inclusion, Teacher of Chemistry
Mr A. Macaulay
Curriculum Leader of Science
Mrs R. Toher Curriculum Leader of Physics, Teacher of Physics
Dr E. Meredith Teacher in charge of Chemistry
Mr D. Cain Teacher of Biology/Science
Miss R. Edwards Teacher in charge of Biology
Mr D. Goodrum Head of Aspinall House, Teacher of Chemistry
Mr A. Gray Teacher of Physics
Mr C. Houseman
Teacher of Science (part time)
Mrs S. McGowan
Teacher of Science (part time)
Miss P. Musembi Teacher of Chemistry, Diversity Co-ordinator
Mr C. Phillips Teacher of Chemistry
Mrs L. Williams Teacher of Science (part time)


Mrs N. Martin Curriculum Leader of Religious Studies and PSHE
Miss S. Gault Second in Department, Teacher of Religious Studies and PHSE (part time)
Miss S. Gault Teacher of Religious Studies (part time)
Mrs T. Yunus Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr M. Bebb Teacher of Religious Studies


Mrs L. Franks  SLT-SENCO (Temporary)
Mrs C. Fowler  
Teacher of KS2/3


Mr J. Fitzpatrick Curriculum Leader of Technology
Mrs A. McDonagh Teacher in charge of Computing, IT, Creative iMedia
Mr K. Noon Teacher of Computing, IT and iMedia
Miss H. Button Teacher of DT, Food and Textiles
Mr D. Washington Teacher of DT, PP Champion