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Student Leadership

St Hilda’s introduced the house system in 2017. Five houses were created and the staff and student body worked on creating suitable names and identities for these Houses. The houses have been named after inspirational people with links to Liverpool and the surrounding regions. For more information, please click here.

At the forefront of this decision was the need to create smaller groups of students within an ever expanding school. The five houses with their respect heads of house are listed below:

ASPINALL HOUSE  –  Mr S. Cummings

BRODIE HOUSE  –  Miss L. Flavin and Miss C. Dennis (Jointly held position)

ROSCOE HOUSE  –  Mrs V. McGhee

WALKER HOUSE  –  Mr J. Deane

WILKINSON HOUSE  –  Mr A. Washington


Each house has a captain and a vice captain. These are important roles than come with a certain level of responsibility.

Each form group has two representatives who make up the house leadership team. They meet on a regular basis. After these house meetings students meet as a whole school body (representatives) to resolve school wide issues.

House Captains

Aspinall House Fleur McC-H.
Brodie House Christina O.
Roscoe House Samuel C.
Walker House Charlie F.
Wilkinson House Charlotte McG.

House Vice Captains

Aspinall House Harry D.
Brodie House Elise B.
Roscoe House Faidra P.
Walker House Jessica R.
Wilkinson House Matthew H.



Student leadership opportunities at St Hilda’s

  • School Parliament (house captains, form representatives)
  • Worship leaders (form representatives)
  • Sports leaders (form representatives)
  • Language leaders (form representatives)
  • Mini maths leaders (forms / maths groups)
  • HOBY UK- year 10 / 11 opportunities.

There are many more opportunities for student leadership within school. Most departments have students leading the way!