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2024 Year 7 Admissions

Please note – St Hilda’s does not have an entrance exam
2024 Admissions Policy, please click here.
Open Event – Thursday 21st September 2023, please click here.
Frequently asked questions, please click here.
Liverpool City Council – transfer to secondary information, please click here.



  • Please read St Hilda’s 2024 admissions policy.
  • You must enter St Hilda’s as a preference on your home local authority’s common application form AND submit St Hilda’s online supplementary information form.
  • Closing date for applications is Tuesday 31st October 2023. Applications received after this date may be treated as a Late Application in keeping with our Admissions Policy.
  • IMPORTANT – If you are applying under Criteria D1 Christian, D2 Other World Faiths – Muslim or D3 Other World Faiths, you must also ask your faith leader to complete a confirmation of worship form:

    • D1 Christian: save and email the Confirmation of Christian Worship Form to your vicar, priest, minister, lay Eucharistic minister, catechist, deacon or church warden to complete.  A form must be supplied for each church listed.  The form requests clergy (not the parent/carer) to complete and return direct to St Hilda’s.
    • D2 Other World Faiths – Muslim or D3 Other World Faiths: please save and email the Confirmation for Other World Faiths Worship Form to the leader of the world faith community.  The form requests faith leaders (not the parent/carer) to complete and return direct to St Hilda’s.

2024 online Supplementary Information Form, please click here. 


In Year Admissions

Please note, this section relates to In Year Admissions (or Transfers) ONLY and is NOT for 2024 Year 7 Admission applications.

In Year Admissions (or Transfers) are applications outside the normal round of admissions.

  • If your child is currently in a Liverpool school, please speak to their school to start the process.
  • In Year Admissions for everyone else (new to the city, transferring from another local authority school, home educating, residing in a neighbouring local authority) are co-ordinated by Liverpool City Council. To make your application to the Council, please click here.

In addition, all parents should submit an In Year Admissions Supplementary Information Form direct to St Hilda’s.  To download the 2023-24 In Year Admissions Supplementary Information Form, please click here.

Further information is available in our 2023 admissions policy.
To view our 2023 admissions policy, please click here.


Admission Appeals

If you made an application to St Hilda’s and your child has not been offered a place, you have the right to appeal against the decision.

Appeals are heard by a committee called an Appeal Panel, independent of the school. Your appeal case will go before an Independent Appeals Panel, and you will be invited to the hearing to present your case. This is an opportunity for the school to give a detailed explanation of why we cannot admit your child, and this is also your opportunity to present your reasons as to why you believe we should admit your child to St Hilda’s.

You should think carefully about whether or not you wish to appeal against the decision.

You will need to consider:

  • The Admissions Policy for not admitting pupils which clearly states how applications will be dealt with in the event of the school being oversubscribed.
  • Your reasons for wanting your child to attend St Hilda’s and the strength of your case (based on the oversubscription criteria).

How to make an appeal

If you decide to appeal against the school’s decision not to admit your child, you must complete the St Hilda’s School Admission Appeal Form which can be obtained by calling the school direct.