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The Business studies team have been studying Business and everything about Business since they were in school and studying their own GCSE. The team have gone on to complete not only A ‘Level, undergraduate degree but post graduate degrees in Business and Finance.  Our lives revolve around Business and Finance and we have dedicated our lives to the teaching and learning of this subject to our students.

Our rationale for Business Studies at key stage 4 and 5 is to provide a fluid and dynamic knowledge rich option curriculum, which gives students, access and progress to KS5 and beyond.   This course will help students to develop key transferable skills and knowledge such as self-evaluation and research skills.

Allowing students to develop knowledge and understanding of the business environment and how different functions of business work together to ensure success and survival in an ever growing and changing field.

It will equip students with entrepreneurial skills, and gain an understanding of the importance of profit in the world of work.

It will provide students the opportunities to develop necessary skills needed to enter local and national growth sectors of employment (be it employed, voluntary or through self-employment).

The Business Studies courses both GCSE and BTEC will bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace. Through students developing their understanding of the interdependence of the various business functions as well as the external influences of a business.


‘’Business is all around us and it influences our lives every day’’

This is just one quote from the above GCSE Business Studies pupils who went to Barcelona last September.

Business is offered in KS3 for pupils following the carousel. Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils are given the opportunity to discover business concepts in an interactive and realistic way. They will work in teams and develop their communication, inter personal and presentational skills.

GCSE Business Studies

Students will follow the new GCSE (OCR) Business Studies course. The GCSE Business Studies course introduces students to key terms and concepts of the business world. Students will have the opportunity to visit businesses and listen to expert outside speakers.

Detailed specification is available at

Text books used: OCR GCSE (9-1) Business, Third Edition

Further reading/resources:

Watch relevant TV programmes
Business magazines / newspapers


BTEC Business Level 3 Extended Certificate

Students will have the opportunity to visit business organisations and also listen to outside speakers.

Detailed specification is available at …

Textbooks used: Pearson BTEC NATIONAL Business

Further reading/resources: Teacher’s resources, Business magazines


What the pupils say:

\”I enjoy Business Studies because I learn about things that affect me every day.’’

‘’Business Studies opens up a lot of career opportunities. ‘’

‘’The Business Studies department are very helpful and always supportive. If I ever feel like I’m struggling or don’t understand something I’m never afraid to ask for help.’’