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Important information

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Why is literacy important?

At St Hilda’s, literacy is at the heart of everything we do. It is needed for every subject, not just English, and is an important skill for life beyond school.

Reading for pleasure plays a very important role in improving literacy and has been linked with positive outcomes across all subject areas and throughout life. At St Hilda’s there is a focus on reading for pleasure from the day a pupil joins us until the day they leave, with the whole school, pupils and staff, encouraged to love reading and share that love of reading with each other; from the teachers’ door plaques, announcing what they are currently reading; to whole school reads, when we all come together to share a good book.

All pupils in KS3 are given one reading lesson per fortnight, when they will be taken to the library to read – purely for the pleasure of reading. They can choose what they want to read and there will be no assessments or work to be done once they have finished. We feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for them to really immerse themselves in a book, one that isn’t offered to many young people. The Librarian and English staff are on hand to recommend titles to ensure that pupils get the most from this time.

We now have a school subscription to The Day, an online newspaper for schools. Along with current affairs and news updates, it also has analysis on key issues and sections for each subject so you can link current stories to your subject. There are also discussion questions and a glossary of key words after every article. This will encourage students to read non-fiction texts and discuss current affairs across the curriculum.

Please click here to access the day newspaper.

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The pages that follow will give you a taste of the initiatives we run at St Hilda’s to foster reading for pleasure and ensure that life-long literacy skills are developed and nurtured.

There are also some useful links below for parents who would like to improve their own literacy or get advice on how to increase their child’s love of reading. If you would like any further advice or information, please contact the Librarian.

The benefits of reading for pleasure



The importance of reading aloud to our children

To find out why it is so important that we read aloud to our children, even as they get older, please click here.

Mrs J Hale