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School Meals

The catering department here at St Hilda’s provides an interesting, tasty, nutritional hot and cold menu within educational authority Healthy Eating guidelines. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible and seasonal specialities included to add variety.

We have an enticing range of sandwiches, wraps and baguettes that are already being well received.

Please click here to view the three weekly menu cycle. Please note that these menus may be subject to change.

In addition, we are returning to the use of ceramic crockery and metal knives, forks and spoons, in order to reduce the amount of disposal plastics potentially finding its way into the environment and adding to the problem of plastics pollution. We no longer sell bottled water and have installed new water dispensers for students to fill their own bottles up at break time and lunch time.

We still welcome ideas from students for occasional Themed Days which give the pupils the opportunity to experience dishes from around the world. Previous examples have included Greek Food Day, Caribbean Food Day, World War I Food Day, Chinese New Year and a European Day of Languages menu.

At break time in the atrium, from 10.50 – 11.05, we give the pupils the opportunity to buy their packed lunches and sandwiches ahead of the lunchtime break. We offer fresh sandwiches, baguettes and salads along with cakes, biscuits and drinks. These can be purchased individually or as a meal deal for £2.20.

At lunchtime we also have a Pasta Bar. We offer two types of sauces to accompany the pasta, one veggie and one meaty. Prices range from £1.40 to £2.40. In addition, we continue to offer drinks and snacks.

The £2.20 meal deal is also available in the main restaurant. Please ask the staff for details.

The free school meal allowance is £2.20, the main meal prices vary.


Food allergen information

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Week 3 – Page 3 Sept 2021 onwards opt


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Guidance on healthy packed lunches:

• Packed lunches should be based around high fibre foods to provide sufficient energy to maintain concentration throughout the whole school day, e.g. bread pasta etc.
• Packed lunches should encourage students to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.
• High sugar, high fat and high salt products should not be included e.g. crisps or salted nuts.
• Confectionery should not be included e.g. chocolate bars, chocolate coated products, sweets or cereal bars.
• Cakes or biscuits not containing confectionery can be included as part of a balanced meal.
• Low fat milk, pure fruit juice (not more than 150ml), vegetable juice, yoghurt drinks or flavoured milks.

For any queries about allergens, the menu, or guidelines for healthy packed lunches, please contact the Catering Manager.


Free School Meals

For information regarding free school meals, please click here.

To view a leaflet about free school meals aimed at raising awareness of FSM entitlement changes following Universal Credit, please click here.