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Our House System


Our House system is an integral part in St Hilda’s pastoral care; ensuring that the students and staff all feel part of a smaller, closer family within the wider school. Being part of the house family enables students to succeed – academically and socially. Our students are encouraged to participate and contribute to the wider life of the school through sports and inter-house competitions, academic clubs and events, music and drama productions as well as supporting each house in leadership roles. Students build a greater spiritual understanding of our Christian community – working together to support House Charities as well as participating in our whole school worship.

Our House system encourages them to develop their passions, have dreams and take strides towards achieving those dreams. Ultimately they will progress to become thoughtful, responsible and compassionate members of society ready to contribute to the wider world beyond school.

For information about each individual House, simply click on the badges below:

How did we decide on the House names?

We consulted with students as well as staff and they came up with suggestions which were narrowed down to a selection of key figures within the rich history of Liverpool. Staff championed each of the suggestions and students voted giving us the most popular choices.


How are Form Groups arranged in each house?

When a student enters school they are placed in a Form Group. There is at least one form group from each year in each House. Students of all ages will meet in weekly House Assemblies and will participate together in regular house events. Each House creates a sense of identity, pride and evokes some healthy competition within the student body as well as the staff.


What do our Form Tutors do?

The role of our form tutors cannot be underestimated. Form tutors are placed with form groups and where possible, they will stay with that group all of the way through school.  Our form tutors welcome and care for their form members each day. Form tutors also speak to school staff including their Head of House and parents to ensure students are happy in school and are making good progress. They are the people who see students every day, know them best and will always be there to listen and help.


What do the Heads of House do?

Each Head of House encourages their family of students and drive their house forward with their own individual vision. They work together with a House Officer to lead and support all of the students in their care.

Our Heads of House are very proud of their houses, wanting all students to be successful and happy in school. They are also fiercely competitive; wanting their house members to gain as many house points as possible for themselves and the house in order to win the different challenges and the House cup which is awarded to the top House each year.

All staff are placed in a House and they support the Head of House. Staff work together with the students to make their House the best in the school.


Are there opportunities for leadership in the House system?

Each form group chooses Form Representatives and they are led by the House Captains. House Captains will lead events to support a charity that students will help to choose.  House Captains take part in the School Parliament alongside the College leadership team. Every student can be heard and have a valid point of view expressed clearly. The school parliament is key to decisions made and is able to impact so positively on school life.  Students can also become a House Ambassador and become a role model to younger students supporting them and helping them in times of need. There is also the opportunity for anyone to become House captain in year 11. We believe in empowering every individual to become, thoughtful, caring and aspirational leaders with high expectations for themselves and their house.


How is each House identity shown around school?

The individual house badges are displayed all around school and on our honours boards.  Students wear a school tie that has their specific house colour on it. The front of your student planner will also have your house colour on it and as you buy your PE Kit each year, the top and shorts will have your initials embroidered on in house colours.


How are students rewarded in school?

Each student will have the opportunity to represent their House in regular competitions organised by the house captains as well as subject based events. You will be awarded house points in all areas of school, from winning competitions to producing good work, from putting maximum effort in or simply doing the right thing. House points will allow you to attend rewards trips, be entered into prize draws, have messages sent home, receive certificates.  Your points can also be used in the rewards shop regularly each term. Celebration assemblies also take place so we can congratulate our students on their fantastic attendance, effort and achievements.

Every house point from every student is added up. The house with most points overall will be awarded The HOUSE CUP at the end of the year. The winning house also attends a rewards trip.


Rewards at St Hilda’s

  • Points given by staff in lessons for academic progress (examples include great classwork, effort in lessons and homework completion)
  • Points given by staff around school for different reasons, examples include participation in Eucharist, playing sports (teams and clubs)
  • Points are given by teaching and non teaching staff (normally two points are given at a time but this can increase for special achievements / events).
  • Points are also given for attendance. These points are automatically added to your points total.


Why collect points?

  • Rewards are individual. You collect points for yourself. These can be cashed in fortnightly at the rewards shop! Look out for information on house notice boards.
  • You collect points for your house, house points count towards the end of year House Cup (held currently by Roscoe House). Roscoe House students will be heading off to Blackpool in October for their winning house treat.
  • Students enter the end of year raffle with fantastic prizes. The more points the more entries you have in the raffle.
  • Students receive a presentation certificate (to be presented by form tutors during PSHE) depending on the number of points they receive.


How is the rewards process changing this year?

  • Mini trips / rewards throughout the year rewarding individuals, forms and houses.
  • Greater choice of goods to purchase with rewards points.
  • More regular slots to cash in reward points.  This will happen on a fortnightly basis.
  • Houses leadership teams will take turns running the rewards shop.
  • Improved use of notice boards / assembly time to keep students informed with regards to rewards!


Rewards points and certificates

Students will receive certification at the end of the academic year. Certificates range from bronze to diamond!

Reward points can be cashed on for rewards on a fortnightly basis from room 134 (Thursday lunchtime).

Points totals will be published on house boards to allow pupils to check if they have enough points to receive an award!










Reward trips

Students may be invited on school reward trips depending on points accrued and general behaviour around school.

  • To attend a school reward trip students must be good/outstanding attenders and have proven they can behave consistently.
  • Students / parents will abide by the Head of House/SLT decision to exclude students from a reward trip if they feel it is appropriate. Students cannot go on a trip with a negative points balance.
  • Points gained by students will go towards qualification for trips.
  • Reward trips to occur at regular intervals throughout the school year. Houses leading at the end of each term will qualify for a reward trip.