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Teacher Assessed Grades

The following two videos provide information on how Teacher Assessed Grades will be awarded this year to Year 11, Year 13 and Year 12 Maths and Further Maths students. 





St. Hilda’s CE High School Centre Policy

St. Hilda's CE High School Centre Policy

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Assessments – Special Educational Needs and Disability – Access Arrangements

Access arrangements allow candidates/learners with SEN or disabilities to access the assessment and show what they know and can do without changing the demands of the assessment. The intention behind access arrangements is to meet the particular needs of an individual candidate without affecting the integrity of the assessment. Access arrangements are the principal way in which awarding bodies comply with the duty under The Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’. Reasonable access arrangements need to be agreed by JCQ prior to an assessment period. Such access arrangements should be the usual way of working for the student within lessons to ensure that St Hilda’s C E High School can evidence the needs of the student. If a student is to apply for access arrangements on medical grounds, St Hilda’s C E High School must have recent medical assessments, of no older than 6 months, along with any other supporting medical evidence. Laptops will only be provided for public examinations if this is the usual way of working for the student due to learning or physical disability. There may also be grounds for the use of a laptop on medical grounds. This is at the discretion of St Hilda’s C E High School and medical evidence is required. For KS4 examinations, applications are made to JCQ within the first term of Year 10. Applications are made for those students who have been assessed by a Specialist Assessor using an up to date nationally recognised standardised test. In this case, the assessor is our SENDCo. If a student has been privately assessed for access arrangements, for example in the case of dyslexia, St Hilda’s C E High School must be supplied with the most recent assessment that has taken place within the current Key Stage, in order to submit the scores to JCQ. Please be mindful that JCQ must recognise the assessment carried out. It should also be noted that the Specialist Assessor must hold the appropriate qualifications as set out by JCQ, and be able to provide evidence of qualifications, complete the relevant sections of Form 8 as required by JCQ as well as hand sign the Form 8 using ink which is not black. The completed Form 8 is needed for the application of Access Arrangements. The Specialist Assessor should contact the SENDCo prior to carrying out any assessment in order to make themselves known to the school. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the assessor of this requirement. Access arrangements are made on an individual basis and therefore if you have any queries, please contact the SENDCo directly. It should be noted that access arrangements only last for up to 2 years and re-assessment may need to take place at the beginning of post-16 studies. Parental requests regarding access arrangements, for example extra time, will not be accepted or investigated if communicated after Year 10.



Year 11 Assessment timetable

Year 11 assessments timetable for each of the three assessment cycles.
Students have also received a copy of the timetable.

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Year 12 and 13 Assessment timetables

For more information, please click the following links:

Year 12 Assessments Timetable

Year 13 Assessments Timetable



JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021

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ofqual – Student guide to awarding summer 2021

GCSEs, AS and A levels, vocational, technical and other general qualifications.


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