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Extracurricular Enrichment Activities

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During February half term 40 Year 11 – 13 pupils travelled to Krakow, Poland with the RE and History department.


On day one, we visited the Jewish quarter, Kazimerez and Plazow to see the oldest Jewish synagogue and cemetery in Krakow and sites related to World War II including the ghetto.


On day two we made our pilgrimage to Auschwitz-Birkenau.


On day 3 we returned to the Jewish quarter and spent time at the Galicia museum talking to the son of a Polish professor who was murdered by the Nazis.  We then went to the Oscar Schindler factory museum and found out more about the turbulent history of Poland and life during Nazi occupation.


Our trip concluded on day 4 with a visit to Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Basilica and the main square.


Year 12 will be sharing their experiences of the trip with all pupils in an assembly.  




My German trip experience

By Samantha

When we got to Germany, I was so excited! We did so many different things, like curling, shopping, going to the Christmas markets, visiting the Chocolate Museum, bowling, visiting the cathedral and going to the National Socialism Documentation Centre.



My favourite part of the trip was going to our partner school, Georg Büchner Gymnasium. All the students are really friendly and they showed me around the school. I met a girl called Juliane and we sat next to each other in class. She was quite good at English but I had to explain what I meant with some words. In German schools, they use chalk boards instead of interactive boards. The class also stays in the same room for all lessons. Overall, I loved how friendly all the teachers were. In the afternoon (school finishes around 1.00) we went shopping with the German pupils and then we all went curling in the evening after a massive pizza tea in the school.



The German trip was so much fun and I hope I can go again!