2021 Admissions

Please note – St Hilda’s no longer has an entrance exam.

Open Evening.
Due to the pandemic we are changing the date of our open evening, so the date published in Liverpool City Council’s ‘Transfer from Primary to Secondary September 2021’ booklet, is no longer applicable.  A new date for October will be published and the open evening will be a virtual one.

2021 Admissions Policy, please click here.  This version includes a variance to the faith based oversubscription criteria in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, approved by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.

Key dates, please click here.

Frequently asked questions, please click here.

Liverpool City Council booklet – ‘Transfer from Primary to Secondary September 2021′
To view please click here.


2021 Supplementary Information Form (ONLINE application form). Please click here.
Please complete this form having first read St Hilda’s 2021 Admissions Policy.

Paper copies of the 2021 Supplementary Information Form will only be made available in exceptional circumstances.


In Year Admissions

In Year Admissions (or Transfers) are applications outside the normal round of admissions.

  • If your child is currently in a Liverpool school, please speak to their school to start the process.
  • In Year Admissions for everyone else (new to the city, transferring from another local authority school, home educating, residing in a neighbouring local authority) are co-ordinated by Liverpool City Council. To visit their website for further information, please click here.

In addition, parents should submit an In Year Admissions Supplementary Information Form direct to St Hilda’s.
To download the 2020-21 In Year Admissions Supplementary Information Form, please click here.

Further information is available in our 2020 admissions policy.
To view our 2020 admissions policy, please click here.