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Summer School



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By Miss Bird – October 2021



In order to give our year 11 students the best opportunity for success, we will be running a Year 11 summer school. This will allow students to prepare for next year in the college and will give them a head-start in their chosen A level and/or BTEC subjects.

Summer School places

To confirm, all students who have expressed an interest in our year 6 into 7 summer school have been allocated a place. We are looking forward to seeing you at 9.30am on Monday 23rd August. Further details will be sent out via email nearer the time. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Miss Bird,

Miss C Bird
Head of English, Drama and Media


Summer school timetable with rooms

Summer school Timetable with rooms 3

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Timetable for students

Timetable for students (2)

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Year 6 Summer School Updates

Below you will find further details about our summer school. If you have any questions that aren’t answered below, please email Miss Bird,


First day arrangements

You child should arrive between 9.30-9.50am at the student entrance. The gate will open at 9.30am. Teachers will be on hand to lead students to the dining room.



We are currently reviewing new guidelines with regards to testing our students before the summer school. Further information will be sent out via email. Please ensure you check the email account you have provided to the school the week before our summer school begins.



To help your child to make friends, we have prioritised placing students with the peers from their new tutor groups.

On the first morning, students will be with 10-15 other students from their tutor group. This will give them a chance to start the week in a small group, where they can develop a good relationship with the teacher they’ll be with for the duration of summer school.

On Monday afternoon, they’ll join up with the other half of their tutor group. During the rest of the week, your child will work with students from other tutor groups, so that they can get to know more of their year group.


Breakfast and lunches

Thank-you for your completed lunch orders; your child will receive their personalised packed lunch each day. If you did not complete the order form, but did select that your child would like lunch provided, a cheese sandwich has been ordered for them. There will also be a cookie and a piece of fruit.

On Wednesday, we will be ordering in pizza and on Thursday chips will also be provided in addition to students’ packed lunches.

For breakfast, toast and bagels will be available, taking dietary needs into account.



Your child should wear comfortable clothes that they’re happy to run around in. We will be spending time outdoors so students may wish to bring a waterproof if needed. We recommend sun cream is worn if the sun makes an appearance!



The first day will be focused on orientation, including a school tour. Students will also visit ‘Diagon Alley’ where they’ll be able to ‘buy’ the stationery they’ll need for the week from our shop. Please note that this equipment will be provided free of charge, and you may wish to wait until after this day to purchase your child’s school equipment: many of the products they’ll come home with at the end of summer school are on our essential equipment list.

On Tuesday and Wednesday students will complete a carousel of activities including outdoor survival skills, stop motion animation and Avenger’s tower building. We’ll also be visited by the Liverpool Learning Partnership, who will support your child with their transition to high school. Students will also get a chance to have some writing or drawings published in a special book, of which they will each receive a copy. We hope the book will act as a lovely time capsule of how they were feeling at the start of their high school adventures.

On the final day, we’ll have a celebration assembly before we get ready for our St Hilda’s Olympics. During this, students will get the chance to accrue house points before the start of term through their participation and successes. It would be great if students could dress in their house colours this day (even just one item in their house colour would be great). If you’re not sure what house your child is in, that’s no problem –your child will definitely be able to tell you by the time the Olympics come around.

Aspinall = green
Brodie = blue
Roscoe = yellow
Walker = orange
Wilkinson = red

Any students who do not wish to spectate or participate will be able to visit our reading corner instead.



We have 141 year 6s joining us. We’re really excited to meet them, help them to make friends and ensure they feel comfortable when they start in September.

Thank-you for all the information you’ve provided us with to help make this possible.

Enjoy your summer break!

Miss Bird


Should you want any advice on how to support your child through their transition, the following event will be beneficial: